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A unique museum where you can play, explore and create videogames.

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Dedicated to
Videogame culture

Our challenge is to deliver a world-class cultural centre at the heart of an active, diverse and inclusive games community.



Celebrate & Challenge

Our charity exists to celebrate, study and challenge the culture of video games in all forms.



Educate & Inspire

We aim to educate and inspire the next generation of videogame players and makers.


Our Story

The world’s first cultural centre dedicated to videogames opened its doors in Nottingham in 2015. Within 2 years of opening we had welcomed 100,000 visitors, won two TripAdvisor Awards, staged four original exhibitions and kicked of a games music festival. We created Pixelheads an education programme for young people to talk about what games mean and how they are made. We have been recognised by Arts Council of England, Creative England, Creative Scotland, UK Young Artists, the British Library and many others as a leading proponent of videogame culture. We host games talks, conferences and events about games culture, production, education and diversity.

Meanwhile, in late 2016 Rick Gibson and Ian Livingstone proposed that the games sector needed a new agency for games culture, mirroring the British Film Institute but for games. The campaign for the BGI was launched in early 2017 and quickly won support from over 550 games, arts, education and finance organisations. The BGI was founded in late 2017, won its first funding in early 2018, and merged with the National Videogame Foundation (which ran the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham) in mid-2018. The charity runs a range of educational programmes around games culture, research, production, skills and diversity. Find out more about the BGI and its educational work here. See who governs the BGI here.

In December 2018, the BGI moved the National Videogame Arcade to Sheffield, renaming it the National Videogame Museum. In Summer 2019, the BGI became a registered charity: Charity Number 1183530.


Support Us

Despite being a charity, we receive no core funding and rely on visitors, patrons and sponsors to keep the videogames plugged in.

There a few levels of support you can pick to help us out

To learn about other ways the NVM can work with your business, get in touch.

The NVM is the games industry’s own museum, celebrating our games, our studios and our sector’s achievements over 40 years. I invite anyone who cares about the cultural life of video games to join leaders from across the industry and support this amazing project with content, evangelism and funding to help expand the programme in the years to come.
— Ian Livingstone CBE, NVM Patron & BGI Chair
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Are you a museum?

Yes. We’re a registered charity (1183530), and currently in the process of becoming an accredited museum. That means we hope to have our processes, collections policies, exhibits and operations accredited by Arts Council England.

Can I talk to you about my thesis/ research / project or similar...?

Great! We get a lot of requests from universities and we try and help as much as we can. We’ve done lots of interviews and writing over the years which are collected at the Medium site. Check there to see if we’ve already covered what you need to know, and if we haven’t, we’d be delighted to try and help. Send us an email and include as much detail as you can.

How do you decide what’s in it?

Our curatorial team identifies, curates and creates exhibits for the Museum, taking care to respond to public feedback and involving them as much as possible in the process of the museum’s development.

That team works under Iain Simons, Director of Culture at the BGI, who is accountable to the BGI board.

How can I get involved?

We’re always very happy to hear ideas from our visitors or receive offers of assistance. You can use this form to submit exhibition ideas or we’re always happy to talk on social media or you can just email us!

Can I donate my xxxx to you?

Thank you but we have paused acquisitions for our Collection for the moment but we hope to be in a position to receive new objects into the Collection sometime in 2019. Please do email us with your proposed donation and we will contact you in due course

Can I borrow your xxxx?

Not currently, but we hope to tour some of our exhibitions in future.

Who runs the NVM?

The NVM is run by a non-profit Community Interest Company (The National Videogame Foundation), operated by the BGI, a charity for games culture, which is raising new funding for games skills, culture, diversity and production in collaboration with other organisations.


Contact Us

If you have any questions please get in touch. Email is best but here are all the details you need to get in touch with us


Phone: 0114 321 0299

Post: Castle House
Angel Street,
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